One morning at the Villaviciosa Estuary

The day wakes up cloudy and with a light rain, but it seems it could get better. So, we set up our binoculars and scopes and we go birding to the Villaviciosa Estuary. Since we are in November, it’s still too soon to have a great number of overwintering species.

We hardly find some people, the same as for birds. Is doesn’t matter, you can always find something, we have to be tenacious.

El Cierrón, Villaviciosa Estuary
El Cierrón, Villaviciosa Estuary

We improvised so much this journey that we forgot to check the tides: it’s high. Low tides are better for bird watching but we are alredy here, there’s no way back.

Due to the high tide, we decide to visit El Cierrón area. After a while, some mallards appear and, if we stay still, more aquatic species start showing up.

Grey heron playing hide and seek
Grey heron playing hide and seek

The weather gets milder and let us enjoy better the bird watching.

And it seems that birds are cheering uo as well with the rising temperature. A couple of zitting cisticola flies close to us. In the distance, a group of common snipes is washing up and drying with the tender sunlight.

Walking forward a few meters we hear a black-winged stilt, splitting on its presence with its cawing. Further away, a common greenshank seeks for food, ignoring us completely.

Male common teal
Male common teal

Morning has gone, little by little, and we have to go back home. But before that, we take a last look to the shallow waters: a few common teals have left the reeds and swim peacefully while we enjoy watching them.

If you ever come to Asturias and you feel like enjoying with some birding at the Villaviciosa Estuary, take a look to our birdwatching activity.

This estuary is an amazing sceney for everyone who is fond of birdwatching. If you don’t know much about birds, here you have a perfect place for a quick and easy learning about them. But, if you are alredy a birdwatcher, you find here a really nice spot to enjoy watching all the species inhabiting this territory.


The bird species list we saw

Click on each of them for more information.

Common snipe


Common sandpiper


Eurasian buzzard

Black-winged stilt

Zitting cisticola

Common teal

Little egret

Grey heron

Grey wagtail


Common chiffchaff

Common stonechat

European greenfinch



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