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We bring you the opportunity to enjoy wildlife and nature watching and the unique scenary at the Covadonga Lakes. Driving you in one of our vehicles, and through our experience, we lead you to observe the bird species in this ecosystem: the resident ones and the migrants, which come here in Summer to breed.

How shepherds affect nature in this environment

Along the visit, you get to know the role that shepherds and their livestock play shaping the landscape, the wolf-cattle conflict and how they make and cure Gamoneu cheese. You also learn about the influence of the shepherds and how, thanks to them, the fauna and nature in Covadonga lakes have endured over time.

Bearded vulture
Bearded vulture

We tell you, as well, how glaciers carved the mountains, opening the way for the lakes and the meadows, where the herds graze in Summer.

You can watch bearded vultures, griffons or golden eagles while we give you some facts about how they live, when and how they breed and how they feed.

When: Every day at 10 a.m. and 16 p.m.

For how long: 4 hours.

How much: Adults, 25€ | Children up to 10 years old, 15 €.

Target audience: To the general public.

What to bring: Water, comfortable and (preferably) light colours clothes, appropriate shoes, hat/cap, sun cream.

Places: Minimum 2 adults, maximum 10 people.

Where: 4 km far from Cangas de Onís, on the road to Panes (AS 114), in front of the entrance of the camping Covadonga, in Soto de Cangas.

Comments: let us know if you are coming with a minor who is shorter than 1,35 m, so we bring a child car booster.

Podes assistir às nossas atividades também em português!!

Common Stonechat
Common Stonechat

Which species breed in this natural area

In addition, we take you for a short walk around one of the lakes looking for small birds, some of which fly all the way out from Africa to raise here their offspring. Species such as stonechat, northern wheatear or the elusive rufous-tailed rock thrush might join us on this walk.

This short and barely steep walk, by the Ercina lake shore, is suitable to anyone.

Adult bearded vulture among griffon vultures
Adult bearded vulture among griffon vultures

How long the tour lasts

The activity is about 4 hours long. You might park your car at the parking place we use as meeting point.

In case you are staying in Cangas de Onís, we pick you up there and take you back at the end of the visit.

How we can observe wildlife and nature

We provide you with binoculars, a terrestrial telescope and bird guides. We have binoculars for children, as well.

We depend on the weather: in case of a rainy day we would change the visit to another day (hopefully a sunny one!)

All participants will be covered by Public Liability and accident insurance.


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