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Ponga natural park
Ponga natural park

Discover Ponga and its landscapes

The Council of Ponga, in Asturias, is bordering to the East with the Sella River. The headwaters of this river are located in La Fuente de los Infiernos, in the township of Oseja de Sajambre (León). Over thousands of years it has been digging a step towards the sea, the Beyos Gorge: a defile between limestone rocks that allows communication with Castilla and its plateau from this area of Asturias.

Both population of this remote area and the local fauna have got used to the orography of these mountains, which makes them unique.

Two people birding over a cliff
Two people birding over a cliff

When: Every day.

For how long: 4 hours or 7 hours long.

How much: 4 hours tour: Adults, 30€. Kids up to 10 years old, only 20€.  7 hours tour: Adults, 50€. Kids up to 10 years old, only 30€.

Target audience: To the general public.

What to bring: Water, comfortable clothes (preferably with soft colours), trekking shoes, hat/cap, sun cream,

Places: minimum 2 adults, maximum 10 people.

Where? We pick you up at the bus station’s roundabout in Cangas de Onís.

Comments: let us know if you are coming with a minor who is shorter than 1,35 m, so we bring a child car booster.

Podes assistir às nossas atividades também em português!!

Griffon vulture
Griffon vulture

We suggest a great and easy way to recognise and enjoy with the birds who live in these valleys, as well as their small villages and their residents. Come with us to watch the birds from Picos de Europa and from Ponga Nature Park, designated as Biosphere Reserve in July 2018. We drive you, in one of our vehicles, to a birding rout through the most espectacular locations form the Beyos Gorge.

All being well, we might watch griffon vultures, golden eagles, short-toed snake eagles, some beautiful birds from the woods and even bearded vultures.

Eurasian nuthatch
Eurasian nuthatch

We pick you up in Cangas de Onís (or in a meeting point in Amieva or Ponga, if your acommodatation is there) and start our trip to find the birds inhabiting this natural pass towards Castilian plateau.

We have some scheduled stops at places where we might easily watch birds. We make some short walks, in order to visit some really interesting places.

You will enjoy birds from Asturias and discover unique landscapes at the same time. Although we can not assure the sighting of 100% of the birds we mentioned before, this we guarantee: you will enjoy the tour!

Choose your favourite tour option, depending on its length:

4 hours tour. We leave at 10 a.m. from Cangas de Onís and get back around 2 p.m.

Full day tour (7 hours). We leave at 10 a.m. from cangas de Onís and get back around 5 p.m. This tour goes around all interesting places at the defile. In addition to these amazing sights, we’ll enjoy having a picnic in a beautiful nook.

The price includes:

Transportation route to and from Cangas de Onís.

Binoculars, telescope and bird guidebooks.

Picnic ONLY for the full day tour


Enjoy watching birds at Covadonga Lakes (Picos de Europa), bearded vulture, griffon vulture and subalpine birds, with spectacular sights. 25€

Go down the Sella river enjoying the birds seen at water level. 35€

Enjoy watching the birds in the Ría de Villaviciosa. 30€

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