Nature at the Covadonga Lakes

Covadonga lakes are located in the western massif of Picos de Europa. They are a “must visit” for most of the turists who travel to Asturias. Gazing at hte lakes, with the mountains behind, makes everybody wants to have a picture with this frame.

Ercina Lake (Covadonga Lakes, Asturias)
Ercina Lake (Covadonga Lakes, Asturias)

Going up from Cangas de Onís, at 70 meters above sea level, to the lakes, at 1100 meters height, gives us the opportunity to enjoy with the amazing views, including the sea.

What do we find in our way up to the lakes?

As we ascend, we cross through different landscapes and ecosystems. At the bottom we have valleys with wide pastures, oaks, chestnuts, hazelnuts.

The holdings, bordered with stone walls or wooden fences, keep the cattle together and under their owners’ control.

Higher, vegetation changes, the walls and fences disapear and we notice that trees have more open spaces between them. When we reach 900 masl we find the Queen’s Viewpoint, an unbeatable place to understand the path travelled so far. From here we look to the coast and the valleys we just left behind us. If we take a look upwards, we realise all the climb that is left. And, of course, we can see the scavengers feeding point. The Bearded Vulture Conservation Foundation (FCQ) feeds the vultures weekly. Therefore, this viewpoint location is perfect to enjoy with these raptors flying in and out.

Queen's Viewpoint (Picos de Europa National Park)

In addition to the griffon vultures, we might spot golden eagles, buzzards, small birds and the star of the area, the bearded vulture.

And, what about the lakes?

A little bit higher, the lakes await for us. The scenary has chenged once again, livestock graze freely. Beeches have taken the place of oaks and chestnuts and there are numberless evidences of the karst processes occurred in limestone. We finally reach the lakes, remainders of ancient glacier processes.

Enol Lake, Picos de Europa
Enol Lake, Picos de Europa

Nowadays, those valleys are meadows where the cattle feed and spend the summer. Right next to them, in the cabains at the fold, shepherds make the famous Gamoneu cheese.

Is easy to enjoy all these thing on a guided tour with us.

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