Ribadesella: cliffs and birds

Landscape in Ribadesella is cracked by the cliffs that draw the coastline. Caves, tiny beaches, islets and huge rocky walls are the main elements on this coast. Hidden places not easy to reach to by people.

A group of people enjoy a birding boat trip.
A group of people enjoy a birding boat trip.

This scenario is the best place for some coastal bird species to shelter, nest and breed their offspring, taking advantage of these hard conditions.

Together with Nautilus Tours, we have designed a tour to show you these hidden places, but from the water! In a one hour route by semi-rigid boat we are going to get into the caves, safetly, to observe how the strong waves have worked on the rocky walls. In addition, we will also locate seagull and cormorant colonies and, luckily, we might spot the fastest bird in the planet, the peregrine falcon, which inhabits these cliffs as well.

The boat is perfectly set for tourism and has a capacity of 12 people comfortably seated. This activity is appropriate for everbody from 2 years old.

A group of people enjoy a boat trip.

Before we board, we will hand out the binoculars you will use and explain you how to use them (in case you don’t know). We will also give you a brief speach about the species we might spot so it would be easier for you to recognise them.
When? Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, from June 15 to October 15, from 9:30 to 11 am. The rest of the year, Saturday and Sunday, from 17:30 to 19:00.

Length: 1 hour and a half.

How much? 44€, of which 25€ go to Nautilus, for the boat trip, and 19€ go for Bidwatch Asturias. For the 25€ required reservations, please, visit Nautilus Tours website.

Activity open to the general public, except for kids under two years old.

What to bring? You should bring sunscreen lotion, a cap or hat and a sweater.

Capacity: minimum 4, maximum 12 people.

Meeting point: Nautilus Tours facilities at Marqueses de Argüelles, 15, 33560 Ribadesella Location map
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