Offsetting our carbon footprint

How do we generate our carbon footprint?

Mostly everything we do on a daily basis produces CO2 emissions, known as carbon emissions. Either during our activity, driving from one place to another or using some equipments, we are constantly generating carbon dioxide. If we do not react, our carbon footprint will remain in the environment forever.

As you might know, Birdwatch Asturias is dedicated to ecoturism activities, in particular birdwatching and ornithological tourism. We also bring environmental education workshops to schools, trying to aware young generations about how important is the environment preservation.

We believe in our responsibility to keep nature as safe as possible and we have comitted ourselves to take care of the areas we work at.

Given that we need a vehicule to reach our birdwatching spots, we want to offset our carbon footprint. Because of that, we have decided to allocate a percentage of our earnings to a local project which takes care and recovers burnt areas.

Green planet with no carbon footprint symbol

Who are we going to collaborate with?

Proyecto Roble (Oak Project) seems to us a perfect place for that money. It is a group which manages several projects for forest regrowing and recovering damaged areas by fires.

In addition, we believe is important to give visibility to this kind of projects, since other people, businesses and associations might learn how to compensate their carbon footprints. For that reason, we share this working line in our website.

By letting know our clients what we do with a share of their money, they feel part of this contribution and we spread the cooperation.

This way, we all help the environment!