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Birds fun facts. I deceive you playing wounded

Birds fun facts. I deceive you playing wounded

Each species has its own strategies when it comes to defend the territory, claim for food or protect the offspring. Some are more aggressive, some more compelling. But there are some species that cheat in order to protect their nests.

We are talking about species nesting on the ground, like collared pratincole and plovers, among others.

How to mislead the attacker

When they sense a threat close to the nest, where they are incubating or taking care of the chicks, they do not face this potentially harmful menace. Instead of that, they cheat getting away from the nest, shaking a wing, pretending it’s broken and cheating the predator.

This way, the assailant believes it is an easy bite. It simply has to follow the unfortunate and hunt it.

Little Ringed Plover


Little Ringed Plover

Nothing is further from the truth. When they are far enough form the nest, the deception ends and the enemy is left stunned.

He chose the easy way and lost a feast on eggs or tender chicks, since the banquet is no longer traceable.

We could say “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”

Check this video for an amazing performance

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