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Birds fun facts. I´m listening with my face
Common Barn-owl

Birds fun facts. I´m listening with my face

As you know for sure, the barn owl is a nocturnal animal. They perk up at dusk and go to bed with the first lights of the day.

They feed on small rodents as mice, voles and shrews, among others. In order to find  them in the dark, they need special skills, for example night vision: they spot the slightest movement in the pitch black.

As if this powerful vision were not enough, they have another “radar”, the inner ear. Combining both attributes, they have everything under control on their hunting area.

Detail of a barn-owl's face
Detail of a barn-owl’s face

This is how barn-owls listen

But they don’t have any old ear… First, they have both inner ears at different high in the head, so as they perfectly triangulate any tiny sound that we wouldn’t even hear. To finish that off, they have a parabolic ear. Yes, their rounded face is perfectly shaped to pick up those sounds and redirect them to the ears.

Having these awesome sight and hearing, they control all that happens on their hunting ground: they just wait, spot and hunt down the preys by surprise.

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