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Reforestation with Proyecto Roble
Planting birch trees in Carúa (Parres)

Reforestation with Proyecto Roble

Proyecto Roble (Spanish for Oak Project) is an environmental nonprofit organization committed to reforest lands devastated by fires. Being a member of an organisation like this gives you, among many others, a great reward: you are able to be part of the activities they plan. For example, a few weeks ago we were in Carúa, Parres, reforesting a skinned hill with young oaks and birch trees.

We woke up early and arrived too soon but, quickly, the whole group gathered: about thirty people, ready to climb the hill and fill up this empty space with saplings that, hopefully, we´ll see growing on the next years. A really successful calling from Proyecto Roble and Biodevas (another environmental nonprofit organization).

Ok, but… how does this reforesting thing go?

First, a brief speech about where we are and the issues the area faces (with those amazing views!). After that, a practical demo about placing the young tree on its new home. And, from now on, let’s bend our backs and plant these babies!

Next step, planting the small tree!


Next step, planting the small tree!

It’s a hard work, no doubt. And the steep hills and the pebbly land do not help at all. But, this way, once the work is finished you feel much better. By the way, who said Asturias is cold and it rains everyday? Have you seen the pictures?! It was so hot this day…

So, after two long hours, all sixty trees are already placed and ready to grow like champions. But, of course, if you go there to have a look, you will only see their protections around them. And you may wonder, what are these tubes for? Well, they avoid the trees to be eaten by cattle (until today, no goat, sheep or cow has been able to say “no” to a tender sprout…).

We’ve finished. And now, what?

Well, after reforesting comes refueling. What a bring-and-share picnic we had! Everyone brought the best from their fridge: a huge variety of food, and so tasty! Chorizo, cheese, homemade stew, cake as desert… and, of course, cider. It is not an Asturian gathering if you don’t have cider.

  • A well-earned lunch. Enjoy your meal!
  • Cider is essential... cheers!
A well-earned lunch with the essential cider. Enjoy your meal!

On days like this you switch off from work and your daily problems and switch on with new people, who share your interests. People who brings you good vibes and an energy shot to face the week ahead.

If you care about reforesting burn areas, among many other environmental issues, do not hesitate and visit Proyecto Roble and Asociación Biodevas websites. You will learn about their amazing work and you will be more than welcome to collaborate, become members… anything you like!

Come on and plant, at least, one tree!

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