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Ecotourism in the Sella River descent
Birdwatching from a canoe

Ecotourism in the Sella River descent

The Sella River is known for its International Descent Celebration, in addition to the ludic descent organized by many active tourism companies. This ludic activity causes a pile of canoes going down the river at the same time, drivng canoes and participants to stack.

Birding from a canoe
Birding from a conoe

This way of sailing cannot be considered as an ecotourism activity, since it is not an environmentally friendly activity with the river nor its inhabitants.

We wanted to offer a canoe descent to enjoy the river fauna. Of course, it was impossible to merge it with the tranquility and silence required for a wildlife observation activity.

Finally, we managed to make it,  We have organized a route in which we do not run into other participants in the river. This allows us to do the activity alone, with the peace needed to enjoy a unique experience.

Birds have become used to the canoes and this allows us to delight in quality observations. In addition to the silence that reigns in the river, without other canoes, it provides us with the necessary ingredients to enjoy magical moments.

birding from a canoe
birding from a canoe

A person from El Ecoturista magazine, the multimedia magazine specialized in ecotourism , came to know our activity and make an article for your website.

He also took this video, which you can enjoy and get a better idea of the experience with. 

Descenso ornitologico del río Sella

Depending on the time of year in which we make the descent, we can watch different species. Kingfisher and White-throated dipper are the stars, they are always the most wanted. As well, it is common to spot jays, grey heron or small forest birds.

Many times we can hear, and few times watch, the hard-to-see Cetti’s warbler, with its gorgeous song. 

If you want more information about this activity, please visit our website. We are waiting for you!

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