Urban pressure and changes in landscape have reduced the chances of many animals to find places to install their nests or lairs to breed. At this very moment, is our time to spring into action and do something to balance out the situation.

How can we help? Building and hanging nest boxes. That way, we will provide animals with a safe place for their nests, where they’d raise their offspring with less risk.

Nest boxes
Nest boxes for birds

But, which are the advantages of placing these boxes? there are several and all of them really interesting:

– we provide birds and bats a safe place for nesting and raising their brood and a refuge against predators.

– we promote biological control of pests, reducing the use of chemical products, such as insecticides and rodenticides (rat poison).

– we’ll have the opportunity to obvserve closely the birds and their routines (but always without interfearing!!)

– we contribute to environmental education by increasing people’s awareness about how to help preserving the environment.

Perhaps you didn’t know, but a pair of barn swallows are capable of take big ammounts of flying insects on the wing!! Can you imagine how many mosquitoes’ they spare you from? Well, it’s the same with bats since they also feed on insects. When we hang nest boxes, so they manage to breed and to hide out, we are helping them with their offspring and they are helping us! Interesting, isn’t it?

In the same way, insectivourous birds are also really helpful to agriculture. There are scientific studies which confirm that the placing of nest boxes near crop fields allowed for reducing the application of insecticides. This is very good for us: less chemical products over the fields, less chemical products into our bodies.

Nest boxes
Nest box for starlings – Nest box for bats

In addition, if you like to watch birds coming in and out of their nests, carrying food for their chicks, a nest box will ease you these observations! You will witness this feeding process and you’ll witness

In addition, if you like to watch birds’ life, a nest box will make these observations much easier. You will see parents coming in and out with food for their chicks and you will also have front row sits to witness their first flights! Now, remember that we must NEVER interfer with our winged friends’ lifes and neither we should open the boxes during the Spring. And by no means we should grab or even touch the little babies. Parents might get scared with your presence and could abandon the nest… and this would be a disaster!!

Starling with bait and a chick
Starling with bait and a chick in a nest box.

So, join us to build a nest box and hang it next to your place, where you can observe it. Besides, if you like takin pictures o drawing this will be a unique opportunity!

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