A few days ago there was a frontal crash against the windows at home, again! This time was a youngster Great spotted woodpecker (Dendrocopos major).

Lets count how many accidents there have been since the Spring began.

The first one having a collision was a Barn swallow (Hirundo rustica) and I think, looking at the long tail, it was a male. Once we verified he was alive, we put our knocked out little friend on the top of a fierwood pile, just in case some cat from the neighbourhood came to visit us (they do it all the time, indeed). It only took fifteen or twenty minutes to our little guy to get well and go back to his aerial pirouettes.

Injured swallow
Injured barn swallow

After that incident, we decided to stick an old dvd inside the wondow, in order to avoid more crashes with the reflections of the light.

But three or four weeks later, we heard again a thump: a female Great spotted woodpecker (Dendrocopos major) fell on the ground. We had a bad scare, it seemed she had broken neck or something like that, but fourtunately she was alright. Once again, we put our winged fellow on the top of the firewood pile, far from nosy cats’ claws and let her rest in there.

Injured female great spotted woodpecker
Injured female great spotted woodpecker

She needed more time to recover than the swallow, in fact it was only after half an hour that she flew to the neigbour’s balcony. She knows well this place: she usually steals nuts from there!

Female great spotted woodpecker recovering
Female great spotted woodpecker recovering

Well, there she was, perched on one of the balcony posts, waiting patiently for the daze to go away.

As we were saying at the beginning, the last victim has been a youngster Great spotted woodpecker. This time was against a different window which opens to a field next to the house, full of wandering cats. So, we decided to bring him into the garden and protect him from the cats and from the hard sun at this tiem of the day (yes, yes… belive it or not, we also have heavy sunny days in Asturias!) And what a fuss he made while we were moving him!

Youngster great spotted woodpecker
Youngster great spotted woodpecker

He was, definately, the one wo needed more time to get well maybe because of his age, who knows… He spent around one hour, hidden between some oak branches, changing from one to another with little jumps. Suddenly, he disappeared.

If, somtime, a bird crashes aginst your window try not to touch him too much, in order to avoid hurting him. If possible, place him in a high place, out of reach from cats and dogs and let him to recover from the blow. Most likely he will fly soon, as our little friends did! With some cds or dvds glued inside the window you might low the chances of new accidents. If you find a chick and looks healthy and well feeded leave him there: probably his parents would be around and keep feeding him even though he felt from the nest.

Uppsss… someone just “knocked” on the window again… let me check!

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