ecoturism and Birdwatching at picos de europa

Birding from a canoe

Birding from a canoe

Go down the Sella river enjoying the birds seen at water level. 35€
Birdwatching at Ercina Lake

Birdwatching at Covadonga Lakes

Enjoy watching birds at Covadonga Lakes (Picos de Europa), bearded vulture, griffon vulture and subalpine birds, with spectacular sights. 25€
A group of people enjoy a birding boat trip.

Ribadesella: cliffs and birds

Come to know Ribadesella cliffs and the colonies of birds that inhabit them. 44€
Griffon vulture

Ponga Nature Park and its birds

Explore Ponga Biosphere Reserve and Nature Park and be amazed by its impressive landscape and birds. 30€

Birds on demand

A group of people takes pictures



Eurasian Bullfinch

Eurasian bullfinch (Pyrrhula pyrrhula) is a chubby, small bird with an unmistakable colourful plumage.


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